My career goals are strongly inspired by my values of good living and education for everyone particularly young people in spite of their background. I am continuously involved in endeavours that would bring greater good to the society. I have worked with and volunteers for non-profit organizations focused on youth empowerment for five years. As a result I want to pursue a career in youth development and empowerment. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Science degree in Professional Media and Management Studies and plan to conclude this program in Fall of 2016. The next five years following, I plan to work in a media house as a journalist covering issues and policies influencing youth development in the society. I am also open to working with a Civil Service Organization in line with my objectives, some of which are:
• Connecting young people with resources needed to fund their ideas
• Actively discussing social issues especially those affecting the younger generation and creating feasible resolutions to these issues
• Developing my communication skills to ensure I’m continuously aware and knowledgeable on how to carry out goals

An organization in line with some of these goals is the Youth Business International (YBI); a non-profit organization that funds young people’s business ideas. I strongly believe that working with this organization would keep me aware and challenged on youth development issues. I would love to work with YBI for at least three years to gain some experience to run my kick-starter. However if this does not go as planned I am considering getting a teaching position in a University part time or full time. I believe this would afford me the time to carry out other activities one of them being my kick starter mentioned previously. The Kick starter Be Heard, which would be an organization, aimed at realising opportunities and optimizing resources to empower young people financially and otherwise. It would begin as a media platform to discuss issues and policies affecting youth development and entrepreneurship. Through the projects that would be carried out, it would grow to be a youth empowerment organization. The project would be stated in the later part of this portfolio.

As much as I am interested in running a kick starter I am also planning to start a business alongside to ensure that I have the means to keep my plans funded. This class has opened my mind to a lot of possibilities and I have decided in the near future to start a research outfit that would provide market and audience research to advertising and marketing agencies in Lagos, Nigeria. I have decided to do this bearing in mind that my other plans may not occur as planned thus running a business is a good way to ensure that I continue to move ahead in my career. The operations of this research outfit, WCFO would not be limited to Lagos alone but also other cities and countries in the world. The project cycle and other details would be discussed in the later part of this portfolio.

Some of my ideas have been motivated and inspired by looking at some exemplars who to an extent have similar interests as mine. These exemplars are:

Why I would succeed as an IMP:

I believe I would succeed as an IMP because I am eager to see the products that would result from my goals. Similarly, the desire to see my plans would evolve is a major motivation to succeed. I believe that reviewing my goals as I pursue them would also keep me on the right track. I have a lot to learn, but the learning process in itself would ensure I have the mindset required to carry out my objectives. Other advantages I have are my confidence and professional demeanour which creates an aura that compels people to listen when I present ideas.

In order to improve my professionalism, I believe I need to improve my communication skills especially listening and understanding what clients want. Also, having the discipline to keep my work and personal goals in view and being proactive in realising them is something I need to work on. I need to learn how to handle criticism and take lessons from my mistakes. This includes staying positive and staying in an environment that motivates me to succeed.

Finally, I have observed from these reflections that my career goals and options are all interconnected. They resonate my major value and motivation; to contribute to social change in any career endeavour I undertake. A model that explains this is the Lemish’s Helix model, which portrays that everything an individual does to a great extent is connected.

Helix Model
Helix Model

As one develops diverse goals and objectives it results in a strong and clear sense of self and personal objectives (illustrated in the knots). Thus, I believe that as I pursue my goals I would continue to develop both my strengths and weaknesses.